Imperial Patisserie.KELY Support Group - Low Sugar Egg Custard Mooncakes Voucher

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Imperial Patisserie is collaborating with the KELY Support Grouop for the first time this year and introducing two gift sets: "KELY Support Group - Low Sugar Egg Custard Mooncakes (4 pieces)" and "KELY Support Group - Savoury Assorted Lava Mooncakes (8 pieces)". All proceeds, after deducting costs, will be donated in full to support Inspire in providing support services for the youth, encouraging them to embrace the future with a positive attitude.

Mooncake Voucher - Imperial Patisserie.KELY Support Group - Low Sugar Egg Custard Mooncakes
This gift box includes:
Mini Mooncake (45g per one):

Low Sugar Egg Custard Mooncakes (4 pieces)

Low sugar mooncakes are made with natural maltitol. The level of sweetness has been highly reduced to within 5% while the delicacy and flavor has been retained.

Low Sugar Egg Custard Mooncake: A selection of natural butter and top-salted egg yolks. Rich egg custard flavor and salty egg yolk scent.

Purchase every 4 of Mooncake gift vouchers (any flavour), get 1 Deluxe Mid-Autumn Gift Box Voucher (Value: HK$398)
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*Best before date of the Mooncakes is until 5 October 2024
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2024 Imperial Patisserie Mooncake Redemption Details:

The Mooncakes can be redeemed with the voucher at designated retail shops during the redemption period.
Redemption Period: From 27 July to 12 September 2024
Shop Locations: Here