Black Truffle Eggrolls Delight Gift Set

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Black Truffle Eggrolls Gift Box (24pcs)

Packing Size:170 mm x 170 mm x 85 mm

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(All eggrolls are individually packed. 3pcs per pack)

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Unlike traditional eggrolls, Crispy ‘Honeycomb’ Eggrolls are more technically demanding. We use traditional methods to study dozens of complicated processes; repeatedly adjust the formula more than 50 times, insist on not adding any artificial colors, chemical additives; It has a honeycomb-like effect, and the taste is crispier and rich in layers. It is made from natural ingredients such as French natural butter and fresh eggs.

The Michelin team carefully selects high-quality black truffles from Italy. They use a perfect ratio of black truffle paste to enhance the aroma of black truffle and the buttery and egg flavors of the egg roll, resulting in a harmonious combination. The egg roll is sprinkled with black truffle powder, creating a "double black truffle" effect that further sublimates the aroma. The unique fresh fungus aroma of black truffle leaves a long-lasting aftertaste in your mouth, making it irresistible. Paired with the texture of a honeycomb egg roll, it has richer layers and melts in your mouth with just one bite, giving you the ultimate enjoyment.