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Imperial Patisserie is operated by Imperial Enterprises Holding Limited and its affiliated companies (“Imperial Group”). Imperial Group recognizes the importance of your privacy. This privacy policy statement (“this Privacy Statement”) explains how personal data is collected and used by Imperial Group.

Please read this Privacy Statement carefully. By accessing or utilizing services on this Website: (collectively, “this Website”) means that you have accepted the terms of this Privacy Statement. If you are unwilling to be bound by the following terms, please do not use this Website. If you complete any form via this Website, after you have completed the form and pressed the button “submit”, it indicates that you have read and understood this Privacy Statement and agreed to how personal data are collected and used as provided in this Privacy Statement. Imperial Group reserves the right to change or modify the contents of this Website at any time and unilaterally change this Privacy Statement without notification. You should regularly check whether this Privacy Statement has been modified via this Website, as your continued use of this Website indicates your acceptance of any change to this Privacy Statement. However, if the modification might materially affect the way we use or disclose your information (including your personal data) (“Data”), we will ask for your consent prior to any modified use. “You” and “user” refer to any person that accesses this Website for any reason.

1. Collection of Data and its purposes
When you use this Website, you may have to provide to Imperial Group your Data including but not limited to your name, gender, age range, contact details and email address. You agree to provide to Imperial Group such information voluntarily. You agree and understand that any and all of the Data you provided to Imperial Group will be collected and used as follows:
(a) Identity validation and record-keeping for membership application,
(b) Day-to-day management, operation and management of the Member Programme,
(c) Periodic communications to you from us and our affiliates, including but not limited to Member Programme details, products, offers, and joint promotional information,communications with you,
(d) Promotions and advertisement of any products/services by us, our agents, and our contractors,
(e) for displaying on the relevant portal when you use this Website, the Internet and other channels in managing your Data;
(f) for inviting you to participate in surveys;
(g) for analysis and for comparison with others’ Data in order to develop Imperial Group products or services and market promotion Programs;
(h) for sending and communicating with you offers and promotions in relation to food and beverage and catering services provided by Imperial Group, its affiliated companies and business partners in joint promotions;
(i) for storing communication contacting details to keep communication with you in order to optimize the services of Imperial Group;
(j) for generating survey on user traffic on this Website;
(k) for processing of your orders and service requests;
(l) for collecting payment, processing of any payment instructions and direct debit fees;
(m) for internal monitoring, including calculating any amount you should receive or owe, making payment to or requesting payment from you, and collecting any fees or enforcing guarantee granted to or granted by the user;
(n) for facilitating the daily operation of your account; and
(o) for implementing your instruction, responding to your enquiries or those made in your name, and providing efficient and responsive service.
(p) Any purposes beyond the Policy which you and we may agree on, and
(q) Any disclosure obliged of us in compliance to statutory provisions and any matter directly related to those aforementioned.

Imperial Group shall make use of your information, including but not limited to name, correspondence address, email address, Facebook username, mobile phone number, date of birth, membership number, number and sum of purchases made, billing information, as well as other information required in the course of our service provisions. You must provide your personal data for the aforementioned purposes. Failure of such may prevent Imperial Group from completing your membership application, providing you with members’ benefits, or supplying related services from Imperial Group.

2. Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
Imperial Group complies with Hong Kong laws including Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in its policy and the ways it collects, uses, stores, discloses, transfers, protects and accesses Data.

3. Retention, storage and disclosure of Data
You acknowledge, agree and authorize us to retain and store the Data you provided in one or more databases of Imperial Group within or outside Hong Kong, and to provide, disclose, allow access and transfer such Data to:
(a) any employee of Imperial Group and its affiliated companies who are authorized to handle such Data for the purposes for which such Data are collected;
(b) any contractor or agent which provides administrative, telecommunication, computer, payment, insurance, professional or other services to Imperial Group and is engaged by Imperial Group for the purposes for which such Data are collected or relevant to the purposes for which such Data are collected;
(c) anyone that Imperial Group has to make disclosure to in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws, administrative policies or regulations;
(d) anyone who reasonably requires Imperial Group to make disclosure in order that Imperial Group can implement the purposes listed in this Privacy Statement.

You agree that Imperial Group can disclose your Data in the following reasonable and necessary circumstances:
(i) in compliance with relevant laws;
(ii) to execute or implement any terms of use relating to your use of this Website or the services provided by Imperial Group;
(iii) to protect the rights, properties or interests of Imperial Group, its affiliated companies, employees, agents, customers and users; or
(iv) in compliance with this Privacy Statement.

Imperial Group specifically states herein that it has not and will not sell your Data. Imperial Group also will not provide, disclose, allow access and transfer your Data to any third party other than the above.

Imperial Group shall retain your Data after you have provided your Data via this Website. Imperial Group will thoroughly commit to make sure all personal data, collected from the website, held by Imperial Group are stored in a safeguarded and secure place under the safe security measures taken.

4. Direct marketing
Imperial Group shall make use of your information for the purposes of direct marketing described as follows, whether through means of post, email, telephone, SMS message, short message service, or likewise:

The latest information, offers, promotions, cash vouchers, and discount coupons related to in-store activities by Imperial Group and products and services offered by Imperial Group, and

Imperial Group shall not make use of your information without your consent. All the direct marketing will only be sent by Imperial Group.

If you no longer wish Imperial Group to use your personal data for direct marketing purposes, you may contact our Customer Service Hotline at 2217 3638 or email to during our office hours. Imperial Group shall stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes within a reasonable period of time gratis.

If you choose not to receive direct marketing communications, Imperial Group will still send you information associated with membership and non-promotional communications associated with Imperial Group services, including but not limited to account status, order status and messages, and administrative arrangements, and you are obligated to and responsible for receiving and reviewing said communications.

5. Security of Data
Imperial Group will use various security technologies and procedures to protect your Data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Because of the nature of Internet, Imperial Group cannot guarantee the security on any transfer of Data. However, Imperial Group will take all practical and feasible measures to ensure any Data collected by this Website will not be intercepted by any third party. You must be clear that Imperial Group’ advertisers or any website with links to this Website may collect your Data. You must read the relevant privacy statement carefully before you provide your Data to them. Your provision of your Data to any third party has nothing to do with Imperial Group and Imperial Group will not have any responsibility for such. If Imperial Group receives relevant Data from a third party, it will retain the information in the usual strict secured and confidential standards.

6. Access, amendment or deletion to Data or opt-out of receiving Imperial Group communications
You are aware that according to Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right to access your personal data held by Imperial Group and request amendment or deletion to your personal data. If you wish to access, amend or delete your personal data held by Imperial Group, please send your request to Imperial Group via email at: or by post to: 12th Floor, Block A, Kong Nam Industrial Building, 603-609 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. (Please provide your name and contact information for follow up purpose.)

If you do not wish to receive any direct marketing communications in the future, you can at any time send us your request with your name to Imperial Group via email at: or by post to: 12th Floor, Block A, Kong Nam Industrial Building, 603-609 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. (Please provide your name and contact information for follow up purpose.)

7. Cookies and third-party applications
Imperial Group may use cookies on this Website. Cookies is a small text file that is placed on your hard disk by a Web page server. Cookies is not designed to use for or intended to use for accessing any information (except for the information on the cookies) of the user’s computer. On the contrary, it is an identifier placed on your hard disk. Cookies contain information that can later be searched by the same Web page server to identify a particular computer and cater for the use of the user and allow monitor and management of such use according to the information stored by that server. Therefore, cookies only provide to the website the information on the user’s computer and the website can link up such information of the cookies with other information such as personal identifier information. The purpose for this Website to use cookies is to allow automation on signing in and registration of information so that you are linked to the information for online purchase when you make purchase (if any) on this Website, to adjust this Website to your preferences or to personalize promotion or marketing. In addition, use of cookies or third-party applications may allow Imperial Group to track the use of this Website to determine what content is useful or popular so that Imperial Group can effectively develop and improve this Website. You can modify your web browser on the use of cookies so that it will send you warning or you can decline acceptance of cookies. Please note this Website may not function normally or permit your signing in if you choose to decline acceptance of cookies.

8. Links to third parties’ websites
Please note that Imperial Group provides links to third parties’ websites as a service to users. Imperial Group is not responsible for the contents on such web pages or how information is collected. Imperial Group recommends you to read and understand the privacy measures of any such third parties’ website before you submit any information to them.

9. Underage Persons
This Website does not plan or intend to collect Data from underage below 18. To respect the privacy of underage, underage below 18 should not provide any Data on this Website. If you are under 18 years of age, you are advised not to provide any personal information on the Website or the online platform; please ask your parent or guardian to order Imperial Group products on your behalf.

10. In case of any discrepancy, the Chinese version of these privacy policy shall prevail.

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