| Dragon Classic Combo Gift Box (Palmiers & Eggrolls)
| Dragon Classic Combo Gift Box (Palmiers & Eggrolls)

Dragon Classic Combo Gift Box (Palmiers & Eggrolls)

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Dragon Classic Combo Gift Box (Palmiers & Eggrolls)

Combo set includes Palmiers (Original) and Eggrolls (Original).

Packing Size: 305 mm x 116 mm x 45 mm

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(All pastry products are individually packed. Palmiers: 4pcs per pack. Eggrolls: 3pcs per pack)

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The dragon is one of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs and is a mythical auspicious creature in ancient Chinese legends. It is believed to possess divine powers, capable of summoning wind and rain, and soaring through clouds and mist. In the year 2024, the Year of the Dragon arrives. Imperial Patisserie extends our sincere wishes to everyone, hoping that the majestic dragon soars and brings in good fortune.

Dragon Classic Combo Gift Box featuring selected original palmiers and original eggrolls. The gift box also includes a dragon year bookmark, wishing you good luck and success in all matters during the Year of the Dragon.

Eggrolls: Unlike traditional eggrolls, our Crispy Honeycomb Eggrolls involve complicated baking procedure. Based on traditional recipes and numerous tasting, our Chef Team has adjusted the formula more than 50 times. With natural ingredients like natural butter and fresh eggs, our eggrolls has a honeycomb-like effect with crispy texture.

Palmiers: With top quality natural butter and fresh flour, our Palmiers are much more aromatic than ordinary Palmiers. Our Michelin-starred Chef Team has adjusted the recipes and baking method to make the Palmiers crispy and aromatic.

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