Luscious Combo Gift Box

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Luscious Combo Gift Box - Palmiers, Eggrolls, Crispy Cookies (22pcs)

This gift set includes: Palmiers(Original,Earl Grey)Eggrolls(Original, Coconut) and Crispy Cookies(Butter, hazelnut)one pack each

Packing Size:305 mm x 170 mm x 47 mm

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(All pastry products are individually packed. Palmiers and Crispy Cookies: 4pcs per pack; Eggrolls: 3pcs per pack)

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Selected from a diverse range of flavors and variations, these specialty pastry assortments offer a combination of exquisite elegance and delightful taste. Whether as gifts for loved ones or as Hong Kong souvenirs, they exude dignity and generosity, carrying heartfelt sentiments within.

Palmiers: Michelin 2-star Master Chef Lai Wing Koon, who served as the head chef at star-rated hotels around the world, made use of his expertise in integrating Western-style quality ingredients into Chinese-style cakes and pastries to create a brand-new palmier collection in various extremely delicate and exquisite flavors. The recipe and the size of palmiers have been meticulously customized to make the palmiers crispier.

Eggrolls: Unlike traditional eggrolls, Crispy ‘Honeycomb’ Eggrolls are more technically demanding. We use traditional methods to study dozens of complicated processes; repeatedly adjust the formula more than 50 times, insist on not adding any artificial colors, chemical additives; It has a honeycomb-like effect, and the taste is crispier and rich in layers. It is made from natural ingredients such as French natural butter and fresh eggs.

Crispy Cookies: Perfect blend with traditional recipes by discard lard and use of French natural butter as raw material, carefully mix with superior flour and fresh eggs under a low-temperature baking to create our exclusive Crispy Cookies series. Using only the fresh and best quality ingredients – golden yolk, sesame, coconut, chili, seaweed and more, giving our Crispy Cookies a crunchy, chewy and terrifically buttery treats.