Fancy Series - Luscious Assorted Lava Mooncakes Voucher

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Mooncake Voucher - Luscious Assorted Lava Mooncakes
This gift box includes:
Mini Mooncake (around 45g per one):
Lava Custard Mooncakes (3 pieces),
Lava Ginger Mooncakes (3 pieces)

A perfect duo of Lava Custard Mooncakes and Lava Ginger Mooncakes.

Lava Custard Mooncake : A selection of natural butter and top salted egg yolk secret fillings, with the silky Lava Custard effect.

Lava Ginger Mooncake : A Selection of high-quality fresh ginger grounded into ginger juice. Combined with lava custard filling, the ginger flavor is pungent but not spicy, adding a refreshing aroma.

Our Lava Mooncake has received the Grand Gold Award from Monde Selection in 2024 for 6 consecutive years, one of the world's most authoritative food award. Together with our traditional mooncakes, which also received the "Grand Gold Award" again, Imperial Patisserie becomes the only brand globally in 2024 to achieve this highest honor with its mooncake products, making it unparalleled worldwide.


Mooncake Physical Voucher:Mooncake Physical Voucher will be delivered out via SF Express to your registered order address within 3 working days.

Mooncake e-Voucher:Mooncake e-Voucher will be sent to your registered order email within 1 working day.

The mooncake products are being progressively released for sale at physical stores. You are welcome to visit the physical stores to make your selection or pre-order mooncake products. Enjoy free one-time delivery service for orders with a net total of HK$10,000 or above. Orders below HK$10,000 will incur a delivery fee of HK$350.

Purchase every 4 of Mooncake gift vouchers (any flavour), get 1 Deluxe Mid-Autumn Gift Box Voucher (Value: HK$398)
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*Best before date of the Mooncakes is until 5 October 2024
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2024 Imperial Patisserie Mooncake Redemption Details:

The Mooncakes can be redeemed with the voucher at designated retail shops during the redemption period.
Redemption Period: From 27 July to 12 September 2024
Shop Locations: Here