Delightful Wedding Box (Chinese Cookies)

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Delightful Wedding Box

Combo set includes Tonggwoji (Red Bean, Ginger 1pc each) and Chinese Cookies (Almond Walnut Crunchy Cookies, Sesame Crunchy Cookies 4pcs each).

Packing Size: 174 mm x 174 mm x 45 mm

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Our wedding gift boxes with elegant designs embodied delicately handcrafted pastries with sweet colors, presenting our happiness and blessing to you. 

Tonggwoji: Tonggwoji is a traditional Chinese pastry originated from the Tang Dynasty.

In the Tang Dynasty, people started making various kinds of pastries which look meticulous, elegant and colorful and named them as “Tonggwoji”. These delicious Tonggwoji were later spread to other countries due to the visit of foreign envoys. As times goes by, Tonggwoji has been evolved to a diverse range of different pastries in different cultural societies.

Chinese Cookies : Featuring a crunchy and chewy texture, comes with popular flavors for everyone and is perfect for any occasions, either personal or corporate gifting as well as visiting friends and relatives.