Ming Artisan - Palmier Duo Gift Set

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Ming Artisan - Palmier Duo Gift Set (12pcs) 

Gift Set includes Palmiers(Original and Hazelnut Corn Flakes; 13 pieces each)。

Packing Size:220 mm x 222 mm x 65mm

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(All palmiers are individually packed. 4pcs per pack.)

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Michelin 2-star Master Chef Lai Wing Koon, who served as the head chef at star-rated hotels around the world, made use of his expertise in integrating Western-style quality ingredients into Chinese-style cakes and pastries to create a brand-new palmier collection in various extremely delicate and exquisite flavors. Palmiers are made from natural butter and organic cane sugar, mixed with various flavors, including natural tea leaves and white sesame, to offer a crispy texture and pleasant aroma.

Original palmiers: Made with French natural butter with smooth texture and fresh fragrance.

Hazelnut Corn Flakes Palmiers: We select rich and fragrant hazelnuts, which are finely ground and refined to release a strong aroma. Combined with the sweetness of corn flakes. Presenting a unique flavour for people of all ages.