Red Bean Tonggwoji Mini Gift Set

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Red Bean Tonggwoji Mini Gift Set (2pcs)

Packing Size:155 mm x 84 mm x 43 mm

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(All Tonggwoji are individually packed. The shelf life is about 3 months.)

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Tonggwoji is a traditional Chinese pastry originated from the Tang Dynasty.

In the Tang Dynasty, people started making various kinds of pastries which look meticulous, elegant and colorful and named them as “Tonggwoji”. These delicious Tonggwoji were later spread to other countries due to the visit of foreign envoys. As times goes by, Tonggwoji has been evolved to a diverse range of different pastries in different cultural societies

Master Chef Yip Wing Wah and Chef Lai Wing Koon delved into the history, technique and formula of crafting traditional Chinese pastries, and finally created Tonggwoji in 12 special exquisite flavors. They rewrote and created an unique formula by blending and extracting Western ingredients. Each Tonggwoji has been wrapped by hands and undergone slow baking in an absolute discreet manner. The whole production process requires Chefs’ most delicate and impeccable craftsmanship.

Red Bean Tonggwoji: Top-quality red beans and boiled them into pastes with tangerine to enhance the taste and texture.